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Devsigner Mixer Registration

We are planning a Tech Mixer (aka - P-A-R-T-Y!) to be held immediately after the last session talk on Day 1 of Designer Conference. This is your chance to mingle with your community, talk shop, enjoy a beverage, check out sponsor booths, learn about other local tech communities and simply have fun.

Use this registration form to reserve your vendor booth at the mixer.

Please note: you will need to arrive at the venue 2 hours hours before the last session on Day 1 of Devsigner Conference. Finalized time will be scheduled soon. Contact Brian for more details: [email protected]

Contact Information
ex: 503-555-555
Best contact email address
Who are you representing at the Devsigner Mixer? Name the Group/Company/Brand/Agency
Any brand, agency or freelancer who contributes to Devsigner Conference by way of session talk, workshop, paid sponsorship or in-kind gift is invited to showcase in the Devsigner Mixer. We also provide FREE registration for all local tech groups and non-profit companies. All other at-large for profit vendors will need to sponsor Devsigner with a minimum $50 Community Sponsorship Package. Sponsor Devsigner Con Now!
Ex: new product, brand showcase, job opportunities, new technology, software, local group, etc.