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Working With Subcontractors on Your Next Solo Project

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At some point in their career, many solo freelancers and consultants consider hiring subcontractors to help with their projects, or even scaling their solo work into a team. But this process quickly brings up questions like:

  • When and with what types of projects should I start subcontracting?
  • What’s the difference between partnering on a project, subcontracting it out, and hiring employees?
  • Where do I find good subcontractors and how do I interview them?
  • How should the relationship between me, my client, and my subcontractors look? Does my client need to know I’m contracting part of the project out?
  • How do I deal with contracts, payment, and taxes?

After spending the last four years scaling from a one-person operation to a team of five, I’ll walk you through the lessons I’ve learned while hiring, managing, scaling, and selling projects that involve subcontractors. At the end of the session, we’ll spend a few minutes in an interactive Q&A session so I can answer your questions on subcontracting and scaling a remote team.

Session takeaways: 

1. When (and when not) to subcontract parts of a project out

2. How to hire and manage subcontractors

3. Changing how you communicate and sell projects involving subcontractors

Spencer Brooks

Spencer Brooks is the founder of Brooks Digital, a website support firm built for online-focused nonprofits. Part entrepreneur, software engineer, and project manager, he relishes the craft of designing systems that deliver amazing websites while building tech capacity in nonprofit organizations. In his free time, Spencer volunteers as a drummer for his local church and experiments with different ways of hand-brewing insanely delicious coffee.