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Shopify & Liquid : Development and Design for the e-commerce CMS platform

As an independent, freelance designer and developer, I quickly found my niche coding with liquid for Shopify as a Shopify Expert; creating e-commerce websites on what I consider to be the foremost e-commerce platform to date.

The presentation will go over how I started working with Shopify 9 years ago, how it compares with other platforms, and the strategies I have come up with to help my customers understand the world of e-commerce; optimizing stores for checkout success. I will provide a brief overview of how Shopify works for the designer, developer, and front-end user / shop owner.

I will touch on some challenges in designing and coding for e-commerce: where people get stuck, how to balance design and optimization, the limitations I have encountered with the platform, and how creative workarounds are often the difference between a successful project and a mediocre one.

On the development side, the presentation will go over some tips and resources, as well as basic concepts behind Liquid, SASS, and other coding skills crucial to working with Shopify.

Session takeaways: 

1. Basic understanding of how to start coding with Shopify and Liquid.

2. Why Shopify is such a valuable tool for designers and developers looking to work in e-commerce, and its limitations.

3. Tips on how to sell yourself and work as an individual freelancer in the field.

Jessie Matanky

I am a website designer and developer in Portland Oregon. I have been making Shopify and Wordpress sites for the last 10 years professionally (along with a lot of cute monster illustrations and funny projects on the side).

I graduated with a degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis in lithography and printmaking. I love animals more than anything, and enjoy snowboarding, riding horses and jumping in rivers.

Look at my work: