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Great Tickets for Better Projects

Slides and resources

Writing tickets is unglamorous, but a good ticket can make the difference between a beautiful site that matches the design, and something doesn't match intended design or functionality. Good tickets save your team time and help them to focus their creativity in the areas where it can make an impact.
This session assumes that discovery has already taken place, and that you already have information of one kind or another, such as user stories, designs, or descriptions of desired functionality. You know what the end goal is. But how do you give yourself or your team members a clear path on how to make that end goal happen? Effective tickets are an important piece to accomplishing that. In this session, you'll learn what makes up a good ticketing system, templated examples, what kind of information other team members need in order to complete tasks, how to collaborate on ticket writing, and how to interpret and use tickets that other team members have created. The presentation will include one interactive exercise.
Together, we can create effective tickets and awesome projects!

Session takeaways: 

1. How to write an effective ticket for you or other developers to work on.

2. How to use specifications written by other team members.

3. Examples and resources to use in your own projects.

Rose Hart

I'm a project manager at ThinkShout, where I work with amazing developers, designers, and strategy team members, creating technology solutions for mission-driven organizations. Before ThinkShout, I worked in nonprofit communications.