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Down with CSS Animations! Long Live GreenSock JS!

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Long before CSS transitions and keyframe animations there was the crude web of animated GIFs and some fancy Macromedia Flash (yes - I said Macromedia - I have been officially dated). Don't get me wrong, I was a huge fan of Flash and prided myself on developing some next level animations for world class brands, but those days have come and gone (thanks Steve Jobs - we owe you one...or two or three...). Flash allowed us Devsigners to design something amazing that was not bound to the limitations of traditional table based or grid based web aesthetics of the day. We had "timelines" and "keyframes" and "ActionScript" that allowed us to develop some amazing web engagements.

Fast forward a decade or so and the web landscape is quite different. Animations using jQuery got us a bit closer to Flash, but still falls short for a number of reasons. We can now leverage the browser to due the heavy lifting of animations via CSS3 and HTML5. That being said, there are still a number of limitations with CSS Keyframe Animations and the code bloat just makes me sad sometimes.

Hello Greensock JS (AKA - Greensock Animation Platform) - a true descendent of Flash (the industry-standard animation library for Flash) with complete timeline control and keyframe animations built into it's very core - and its core minified file is only 28 KB.

Learn the basic code and explore the advanced technique as we break down a real world example of Greensock JavaScript HTML5 Animation.

BONUS ----

I will be giving away 4 Club Greensock Memberships - courtesy of our sponsor!

HUGE Shout out to Jack and the crew over at Greensock for their continued support over the last couple of years with Devsigner Con - we truly appreciate it.

Session takeaways: 
1. Learn Code Structure for HTML 5 Web Animations Using Greensock
2. When/How to ditch CSS3 Animations
3. FREE Club Greensock Membership! You could be the lucky winner!
Brian Gonzales
Brian Gonzales

Brian Gonzales operates as PAIRODIME, a creative consultancy specializing in web development and graphic design with clients and co-workers around the world.