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Aesthetics: The Hidden Force That Rules Your World

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Have you ever wondered why your favorite color is #0000FF? Well the answer is… science!

This hands-on workshop will combine art and science, exploring our own aesthetic preferences, cultural influences, and evolutionary history! Learn about how you uniquely experience the visual world, and how you can change the way others perceive.

Aesthetics is an important tool in any creator’s tool box. Learn what it is, how it works in your brain, why it’s even there in the first place, and how it can help you communicate more effectively.

Session takeaways: 

1. Beauty is a powerful communication tool in any creator’s toolbox.
2. Human (evolutionary) tendencies determine aesthetic preferences.
3. Culture and experience inform individual perception.

Sedona Rigsby

I'm a creative producer and in-house designer at Phase2 Technology. I facilitate the success of a range of projects; whether they need strategic planning, design, execution, or all! The spectrum of my work has included coordinating and designing materials for mailer campaigns to strategic web ads. My favorite part of design is solving problems, on and off the screen.

With a background in art & design and a degree in Design Management, I live to make things and draw connections.

Based in Portland, I'm a great lover of coffee and avid craft queen.