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7 Design Principles for Programmers

Slides and resources

As a designer, I have not always been able to effectively communicate the design requirements in my prototypes. I have invested countless hours next to a programmer for pixel by pixel to make the html as much as possible to my designs.

As a developer, I have not always taken into account the structure of my framework or the needs of the end user. This often involves rework and delays.

Developing a successful website requires a combination of skills and resources that must be combined with the rest of the team, but we do not always have the same goals and requirements.

The purpose of this session is to explain the principles of design in a simple and interactive way: contrast, alignment, rhythm, proportion, proximity, hierarchy, and balance.

If these principles are respected by all team members, it is possible to create thousands of possible combinations that always preserve balance and aesthetic beauty.

Session takeaways: 

1. It provides a basic vocabulary for programmers and designers to communicate better.

2. Proposes a starting point for the discussion between designers and developers on aesthetics and a harmonious structure

3. Offers tools to design your own web page or extend functionalities of a site in production, without compromising the aesthetics of the page.

Ana Laura Coto

An enthusiastic industrial designer, passioned for good food and dance. Navigating the world of design and front end. Drupal fan!